Debut Album „Cinématique“ by DACH13-13

On April 3, 2015 Dachi released his first full album „Cinématique“ on – official release on online stores (e.g. itunes) on April 23, 2015.
„Cinématique“ is the debut album of DACH13-13 and contains a mix of elements from industrial, wave, techno, dance & electronica. „Cinématique“ represents a soundified world of virtual and intense cinematic scenes. These sound textures are packed to a soundtrack with underlying beats. Spherical worlds with a bumping basement. A debut album bringing emotions in electronic music.

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Künstlerbeitrag Kunstlauf Meilen „SoundTRACK PittOHResque“ – SoundTRACK PittOHResque – a composition by Christoph Dachauer for Kunstlauf Meilen 2014. A composition which escorts you on the 2 km Kunstlauf with the topic: Pittoresk:Genug!

Ambivalent Soundscapes, oscillating between electronic spheres and pittoresque (swiss folk) nature sounds – emotional floating through different worlds and perception. Inspired by the nature, surroundings, views at Jakob-Ess-Weg in Meilen/ZH and the topic „Pittoresk:Genug!“ – Starting point of the Soundtrack is the Jakob-Ess-Weg at Restaurant Vorderer Pfannenstiel – ending at the land house, Herrenweg 185, Meilen.
With samples (Alphorn Klänge / Jodel) from:
Appenzeller-Naturjodel / Jodelclub Riehen
Alphorn mit Kuhreigen / Berner Liedertafel
Hornung / Alphorntrio Hansruedi Schenk & Manfred Schneider
Lueged vo Baerg und Tal/ Composition: F. Huber (1791-1863); Reinterpreted by Christoph Dachauer