Dachi Sound Design (DSD) – this is Christoph Dachauer as a sound artist, electronic music producer and DJ. His passion is to explore the effect of sonic frequencies and soundscapes on human mind, body (and soul). He is currently working as Soundtherapist/Klangtherapeut KLA at Klangtherapie-Praxis http://www.klangmusik.ch


Custom sound projects by DSD concentrate on consulting in the area of audio branding and corporate sounds. Christoph is experienced in designing sounds to cultural patterns and atmospheric moods. Simple, abstract or monumental string sections. Christoph finds the matching frequencies and rhythms for your company.

Christoph is an expert on CI topics. His master thesis on corporate culture and corporate identity led to the publication of a book „Das organisationale Selbstbild“ (author Christoph Dachauer). Christoph has a Master of Arts degree in Sociology and Psychology at UZH, has worked for many years for different companies in organization and project management.

DACHI SOUND MACHINE / DACH13-13 / e-pulse productions

Starting in 2023 Christoph is back in production of Electronic Music as DACHI SOUND MACHINE with a carefully selected hardware setup: Yamaha FS1R connected to his rare Skerjanc Controller, a Roland TR8S, Roland JD990 Synth, Waldorf Quantum for komplex soundscapes and Moog Phatty Stage for Mono-Leads. He loves the live performance, the digging into the capabilities of his Synth-Setup.

Under the artist name DACH13-13, Christoph released his first full album (Cinématique) in spring 2015. Christoph started producing Music in 1990/1991 as a member of the Hip Hop Group P.T.T.S.C (Peace to the Swiss Cheese). In 1992 Christoph co-produced a few tracks with Hip-Hip-producer Leroy PRC (Rapilepsie, Mindharpoon, Les Gents) resulting in some experimental songs. In 2000 Christoph started with electronic music productions until 2003. In this period he worked together with Jazz-Pianist Bastian Flury (Sonicglobe) and Drummer Ralph performing as a electronic music live act in 2003. After finishing University studies and family break Christoph is back in production since 2011.


Company: Dachi Sound Design

Custom compositions/sound design/ artist performance: Christoph Dachauer

Artist name/ public profile: DACH13-13

Youtube Channel/Label: e-pulse productions

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/e-pulse


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